Elderly parent and adult child taking a walk to remain active.

Improve the Life of an Elderly Parent or Friend

You, as an adult child or friend of elderly people, hate to see them pull away from being active members of society. You want to help them remain active and enjoy themselves in productive and safe ways, but may not know how to have an impact.

The worst option is to do nothing because they will just become less and less active. A better approach is to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to encourage an elderly parent or friend to take part in activities and exercises.

To succeed in your quest, you will need solid information on a range of issues, related to:

  • Reasons elderly people reduce their activity and the consequences of this tendency.
  • Ways to persuade them to remain active.
  • Helping them prepare to be more active and exercise safely and types of activities that are best suited to specific levels of functioning.
  • Sources of additional information on helping elderly parents to remain active and exercise.

This blog will address these issues and many more. Adult children and friends of elderly people can provide support to each other by sharing their ideas, concerns, and success stories.

Images of elderly people remaining active.

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